The Company

Founded in 2003, Mysidian Moments Photography was founded in Ypsilanti, Michigan- and moved to Beverly Hills, California in 2006. The company came after from working several increasingly larger projects pro bono, and realizing that the hobby has also become a business. It also came out to California as opportunities abounded in the Sunshine State.

What do we want? We want to take the best pictures of your special event, of you and of yours! Its as simple as that! We pride ourselves on giving each client a personal touch that they will see in every photograph.

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~ Our Mission Statement : Crystallizing your Magic Moments ~

The Photographer

The chief photographer and founder of Mysidian Moments, Jeremy, has been taking pictures for more than 30 years. Starting at a young age, he has honed his skills mostly through real-life experience while gaining necessary techniques from classes and self-teaching. Early highlights include:

Θ Began photography at age 6
Θ Won Ypsilanti Free Press annual photo contest two times
Θ Had more than twice the photos in his highschool Yearbook than any other contributor- while not being in the Yearbook or Photography class
Θ Official photographer for several military events while in the Army

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