Jeremy Owens

The chief photographer and founder of Mysidian Moments, Jeremy, has been taking pictures for more than 20 years. Starting at a young age, he has honed his skills mostly through real-life experience while gaining necessary techniques from classes and self-teaching. Early highlights include:
  • Began photography at age 7
  • Won Ypsilanti Free Press annual photo contest two times
  • Had more than twice the photos in his highschool Yearbook than any other contributor- while not being in the Yearbook or Photography class
  • Official photographer for several military events while in the Army

Clients Include:

  • University of Michigan
  • Screen Actor's Guild
  • U.S. Army Reserve
  • Soul Brazil Magazine
  • Thirteen Minutes Magazine
  • Wall Street Journal
  • World of Rocks
  • Writer's Guild of America
  • CLJ Incorporated
  • 123 Notary
  • Michigan Visiting Nurses
  • Huron Valley Humane Society
Jeremy has spent much of his life with a camera in his hand, and always has one close by. He catches the sublime, the silly, and the beautiful- the world is his canvas! Jeremy is passionate about photography, speaking of "crystalizing moments of time"; as such, he makes time for photography, whether its of nature, the architecture around him, an up-and-coming model, or his kitten Mizu. He has a gift for getting subject to relax and get into the moment, which shines through in the finished product. And even though Mysidian Moments prides itself in post-processing excellence, getting the perfect shot first is always priority. His gift most of note, though, is how he finds the extraordinary in the ordinary, finding the memorable in every moment!

Jeremy's eye for pictures is a blend of photojournalism, style and fine artistic sense! You'll be astounded and delighted at the pictures Jeremy & Mysidian Moments take for you!!

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